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Mrs. Moggs Does All the Chores You Don't Want To . . .

Nov 25 2008 - 2:25pm

If only we all could be so lucky to have a cat like this! Meet Mrs. Moggs, star of a hysterical calendar [1], who seems to enjoy housework more than laying around licking her paws. I certainly hate chores and think this feline belongs on CasaSugar [2]! See what duties she dutifully does when you start this slideshow. I hope Mr. Moggs and mini Moggs are appreciative. Oh, and don't worry, the images have been digitally created – no cats were harmed in the making of this product.

Source [3]

It's a bird, it's a plane . . .

It's a cleaning kitty parachute! This cat is airing out some (clean) laundry.

Hey, I think you missed a spot

I hope that cleaner's a pet-safe one [4]!

Hang it out to dry

This feline's got the right idea – using a clear day to dry laundry and saving electricity too.

I hate wrinkles

The precious pet will iron them all out . . and how cute is that fabric?!

Tickling the ivories . . .

With a feather duster, thankfully not Tweety Bird.

Prettily polished

So shiny you can see your reflection in it!

Time for sweeps

Just a little dust under the rug – I won't tell.

Do you fold them, too?

I hope this cat's not color blind – I don't want my white shirt to turn yellow!

Breaking dishes

I hope not, since the kitty's doing my least favorite chore.

Either you are in . . . or you are out

This cat knows to clean the paw (umm, I mean finger) prints off both sides of the glass.

What a Lovely Garden

Water's for the flowers, not to drink. This cat also keeps her garden in tip-top shape.

Tea for one

Make that two – after a job well done, I want to join this cat for a drink and biscuits.

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