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Oh no! Read this problem submitted by PetSugar reader justshearpassion in the PetSugar Q + A group before offering your tips:

I really don't know what to do! I have a three-year-old mini doxie and she does not like other dogs. I have tried taking her to the dog park and having her hang around my brother's new dog but she either snaps at them or gets as far away from them as she possibly can. I am also afraid of how she might be around children, which I would eventually like to have and I would like to resolve this problem before then. The snapping and growling mostly happens with dogs that are bigger than her and if there are dogs that are about her size or smaller, she just hops onto my lap to get away from them. Any suggestions?

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Source: Flickr User Billa

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sherryle53 sherryle53 6 years
Hi I had a very similar situation, and I lived above my old landlady, only she was the one with the 2 dogs. Sorry the story is kind of turned around but what it comes down too is this, Are you allowed to have the dog? If you are then no you can not get evicted for this and you can also stop walking around with out your shoes on. You see people like you and I like to accomadate others and make them happy, meaning they don't want to make waves. So you don't want to make any noise. So your as quite as a mouse. Well you pay your rent as well as she does and there is not a thing anyone can do. If you are with in your legal rights, you are allowed to have animals, and yes you are nice enough to crate hime well you are gone, wihich I think is the right thing to do there is nothing she can do. When they called the police on me and said my children were making too much noise and I had to come home from work, well they received a notice for caling about making a wrongfull complaint because they were children and they make normal noise, and I was at work, and she legally rented to me, I was in my rights. So I hope you see where I coming from. By the way she did end up evicting me and it cost her about 500 and more dollars, so you see people are not always right sometimes there just something wrong with their judgement. Go with your own judgment if you within the law and you should know what the law says about pets and the laws, If you don't please find out. Then you have something to fight with, Sincerely a friend.
msame msame 6 years
My dog had similar issues...but she was a big dog bullying other dogs at the park (basically tanking them at full speed). I think since she was a stray, she did not have the opportunity of early socialization. What helped her was taking her to doggie daycare where she could have interactions with other dogs and not have ME there to give her an excuse to "protect" or use me as a shield; it didn't help that I was very anxious about what she might do while we were at the park. I take her once a week to day care now. The first two weeks she was really scared and didn't play, but after another two weeks in she came out of her shell and really enjoys her time there and going to the park and meeting new friends. She's still pretty dominant, but at least she approaches other dogs and plays appropriately instead of challenging every dog she meets by knocking the wind out of them.
marrysa marrysa 6 years
my dogs were the same way. I enrolled them in training classes and they are much better. I still have issues with my female dog but she has come along way since day one. Try taking ur dog to training classes specific for this issue. If you need a place to go I can recommend my trainer shes the best..
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