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Can't Get Enough Cute Animals? Get 'em on Your Cell, Too!

Mar 18 2008 - 2:15pm

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and getting some love from your fave four-legged friends. And, North? He's not only a super chewer [1], he's a super kisser, too! He gives 'em out like candy. If you can't get enough cute, cuddly (sometimes slobbery) things, you def need My Monitor Pets [2].

Greeting you when you come back from lunch, you may remember these downloadable screen savers [3] to lick you to death through your PC monitor. How can you resist!? But, if you are seriously addicted to the wet kisses of a painfully cute cat or pup, why not take the obsession portable? Yup, with a subscription [4] ($18) you can get the kisses of a new, super-cute kissing pet sent to your phone every two days. What would make this even better? If I could get it customized with my own furry friend, of course!

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