I know a lot of pet owners who don't like to cut their pet's nails in fear of cutting too far, which usually leads to a trip to the groomer, but what about those pets that wear down their nails naturally just by walking? This question comes from LilPeaPod about her smooshy, Samson:

We had Samson's nails clipped for the first time by our vet tech the day he got his final shots. She did a great job, and Samson didn't fuss much at all. The problem is, now that we are able to take him out on walks, a few of his nails have worn down to the quick! I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, since he doesn't seem to be in any pain and they aren't bleeding. I'm worried, but don't want to stop walking him now that we're in the middle of potty training, and he really does need his exercise. Any advice?