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5 Lessons Your Dog Will Never Let You Forget

Apr 11 2014 - 7:00am

In honor of National Pet Day, take a moment and think about all the things you've learned from your pup.You may have known some of these life lessons before bringing home your faithful companion, but it's always good to have a friendly, furry reminder each and every day.

Good Company

Home alone just for the day or permanently? Dogs can be electricity-free entertainment and automatic company. Extra bonus: remember you're not (technically) talking to yourself — so what if he can't answer! Your pup is a great distraction from all your gadgets, which makes heading out for a walk and meeting up with other pup owners a fantastic way to spend a free afternoon.

Happy Hour Never Just Happens

Gone are the days of dancing 'til dawn on a whim, but it's good to have something keeping you on task. More work than a plant but less than a baby, you can run to the store and trust him to fend for himself at home without a visit from Child Protection Services, but he's still got to stay clean, watered (ha), and fed!

It's Never Too Early (or Late) For a Nap

Sleep is contagious, and watching a pooch snooze may prompt you to do the same. No worries — he won't be wanting a walk while you're both snoring away. Dogs help remind that it's OK to enjoy a bit of downtime and to take it easy every once in awhile.

Sharing Is Caring

Wriggly noses know when there's food around. It's meant to be shared (in his eyes at least), but make sure it's not poison [1] because he may take his turn to help himself . . . when you're not looking. Check out all these tasty fresh foods [2] that are safe to share with your dog.

Faithful Friend

There's nothing like unconditional love — and dogs totally get it. He's willing to forgive when you're late, doesn't mind if you've got bad breath, and couldn't care less what you're wearing. As long as you're near, your pup loves letting you know he thinks you're the best. Take a lesson from your dog and make sure to spread the love.

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