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Remember that time New Balance asked you for your brilliant life/exercise/relationship/diet/work balancing tips? Well, New Balance listened and worked with trainer-to-the-stars Holly Perkins (clientele includes the faint-worthy Adrian Grenier) to package up all the tips into this handy dandy video below.

Whether you're trying to balance sweet and salty cravings or work and exercise, Holly is here to help. Check out the solutions you've been searching for!

Your tips not only helped others get their balance on, but it also automatically entered you to win a $250 gift card to The weekly winners are . . .

"Remember that the fun, independent girl that you were when you met your SO is who he fell in love with. It's all about making the time for your girlfriends (even when you don't have the time) and remembering that your SO loves you for having your own life!" — onlysourcherry

"Getting a workout in first thing starts my day off right — yoga, running, or hitting the gym! If I am active at 6 a.m., my whole day is better!" — jessvogel85

"Since I don't live close to my family, I schedule phone dates weekly. I schedule workout time with friends to kill two birds with one stone. "Me" time is right before I go to bed and read a good book!" — erinesweeney

"I keep balanced by taking a fifteen minute timeout when I get home work to give myself a little "me time." This helps me relax and unwind from the stressful workday and focus on some pure happiness. I love to wake up in the morning and go for a run to wake up alert and ready to go and focus on the good things that the day will bring." — stef42678

"I always park in the back of the parking lot; a long walk in the morning is a good way to wake up and clear my head. I always take the stairs; pushing my heart rate up, even in the office! I never let myself get lazy; walking to a coworker's desk instead of emailing, walking to get lunch instead of driving. Fresh air as much as possible is usually the best policy." — hyacinthgirl

Luckiest of all, our grand prize winner gets a spa weekend getaway . . . ahh we can feel the balance already. Our grand prize winner is — drum roll please . . .

"Instead of making drastic changes which are hard to stick to in the long run, I do little easy things that all add up like taking the stairs, walking wherever possible, drinking water instead of juices and cold drinks; cooking instead of ordering food. Balance isn't about deprivation it's about enjoying good wholesome food, being active and indulging every now and then guilt-free . . . and yoga!" — zc

Now go get your chi on, make time for workouts, balance your BFF and BF, and call your mother, you can do it all!

New Balance Asked, You Shared, You Won!  originally posted on POPSUGAR Food