As I've just finished my afternoon snack of tart, fruit filled yogurt goodness from the new SoGreen shop opened right downstairs from Sugar I'm reminded of this product for my pampered pooch. North loves Yöghund's organic banana and peanut butter flavor – this doggie frozen treat is made up of real low fat yogurt with active cultures just like ours is! When looking for a local store to pick some up for our current heatwave, I noticed they have a brand new flavor coming soon. Learn all about it when you


Our new Organic Blueberry and Vanilla Bean recipe includes all the vitamins and antioxidants found in blueberries and vanilla beans, as well as the calming aroma of vanilla. Its primary ingredient is organic, low fat yogurt with live and active cultures, complete with all the benefits of probiotics.

Yummy! I hope it arrives in time for summer!