Why hello there, smooshy face! Looks like Eva wanted to get a close-up look at your smushy, mushy goodness before taking you home! Jinxy (aka, the white fluffer, whose tail you see on Eva's lap) just got a new BFF yesterday when she picked out the new Pug puppy to be a pal for the other pooch. To see why I'm glad to see both pups along for this ride (and more adoro pictures),


When adding a new member to your furry fam, it's important to see if they get along so I'm extra happy even Jinxy got to take part in the selection process! If you're adding a new pup, introduce them on neutral ground, not in your home or yard to prevent early turf wars. Let them approach, sniff, and walk around each other without you interacting (or interfering a ton) with either one. It helps to be low key yet encouraging with a mellow happy-puppy voice – and be ready to step in if things suddenly go awry.