Finally comes the day we've all speculated about, discussed, and debated . . . and it seems that day is Tuesday. This lil furball is Charlie, the soon-to-be first dog entering the White House tomorrow. Seems Sasha and Malia have settled on an appropriate name that the whole family can agree on, so meet "Bo."

The re-homed Portuguese water dog was returned to a breeder and will be gifted to the Obamas. The Texas kennel is the same one frequented by Ted Kennedy and family, and will be presented by the Kennedys as, you may recall, that family also keeps Porties as pets. Seems the pup had a meet-and-greet a while back and, tomorrow, I hope to have even more information and photos of the six-month-old. 'Til then, join me in a hearty "Welcome, Bo! It's grrreat to finally see you."