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New Year’s Petsolution: Get a Healthy Start

Nothing begins a new year better than a fresh, healthy start! First off, make sure pets are up-to-date with all their health care needs.

  • Shots. While rabies vaccinations tend to last longer (North's lasts for three years), other shots need to be administered yearly. If your pooch will be around other dogs a lot (at playgroup or boarding), many locations require their bordatella shot (or nasal spray) to be given every six months to protect pup from kennel cough.
  • Medications. Be consistent and give pets their prescribed medication as directed. Pets should be on year-round, monthly heartworm preventative – if they aren't, a vet can do a blood test to make sure they are not already infected. Also, all pets (even indoor ones) should still be on flea/tick prevention. Do your part, and make sure you get started (or keep up the good work).
  • Vet Visits. Like you, doggies and kitties should see a doctor at least once a year for annual checkups, with older pets benefiting from biannual exams. Veterinarians can check for things that you may not notice at home – lumps, bumps, murmurs, and other ailments. They also, of course, make sure you stay on top of your pets' shots and medications, too!


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Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I'm confused as to what could be wrong about preventative medicine? That's basically all the Pet talked about, heartworm, flea, checkups. What's so wrong with that? It seems to me that the "source" is common sense. I think this is great information. We just moved to a new city a couple months ago and I need to find a new vet for B-Bop, always such a hassle! Hopefully we find a good one!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
It's funny how a source is always cited for the images, but not for the information. Some of this information is wrong. People need to do their OWN research!
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