She writes, walks dogs and now the Simple Life is officially back on.

If people think celebs can't write then why do they get publishing deals? What is the truth about celeb fiction? NY Daily News has a theory, but really, who cares, we all know it is just about extending their brand and striking while they are hot. Some celebs do it for the art of expanding their creative minds (i.e. Ethan Hawke). Others are fabulous like Steve Martin's Shopgirl which if you have not already seen the movie, then get out there and see it before the rush of holiday films hits theaters.

As for the latest introduction to the celebrity author category, Nicole Richie is getting her fair share of publicity. I am only half way through her book so I am not reviewing it yet (stay tuned) but I will say I had no desire to read Paris or Pam Anderson's books so Nicole (or her people) did something right in the marketing of this title. Here she is doing her normal daily routine of dog walking and Coffee Bean drinking.

In other Nicole news, The Simple Life has been picked up by none other than E! Network. The show will be called, Till Death Do Us Part and will include the girls in 10 episodes in a "Trading Spouses-style premise, tending to children, putting dinner on the table and otherwise playing house in order to, in the words of E!, "put the girls to the matrimonial test." There was no hint that Hilton and Richie would do any of their tasks together--and, in fact, the press materials noted the pair would "take turns." It will be interesting to see how the show works with them separately.

Source: JJB