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Nicole Richie Has a Cat Named Tabitha Jones Madden

New Kitty Alert! Nicole Announces Tabitha Jones Madden

With a perfect pose, tail curl, and camera gaze, this cat just may have a future in modeling! The feline earned the name Tabitha Jones Madden from Nicole Richie, who first thought the lost kitty belonged to a neighbor!As two months ticked by, it seemed the cat was content in her newfound home. Nicole explains:

One dark and lonely night, I heard a little puss puss cry from outside. At first, I thought it was Joel. But to my surprise, there she was. A sad, and very hungry kitten. She looked groomed, and was a little chubby, so I assumed she was a neighbor's cat and ignored it. But she came back a week later and she was so skinny and I could tell she was starving. I couldn’t resist. I fed her, and she was as happy as Benji Madden in a sorority house. It's been two months now, so I think it's safe to call her mine. So I went online and ordered her a house, an Italian Villa actually. And inside the house I put a framed picture of me; and no I'm not joking. So here she is, the wonderful, the glorious Tabitha Jones Madden.

Yay! That's so sweet to give a needy kitty a new home!

Source: Nicole Camille Richie

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