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Nigel Barker Makes A (Fashion) Statement Against Seal Fur

The Scoop: Nigel Barker Makes A (Fashion) Statement Against Seal Fur

With the fashion industry taking the Cool vs. Cruel anti-fur movement to heart, it seems that we're finally making some headway on the realization that cruelty for the sake of couture isn't the best idea. Plus, when celebs like Hayden Panettiere make headlines for their causes – like her involvement in Save The Whales, Again! – it puts a blazing spotlight on issues that are important to our world.

Just like Hayden, Nigel Barker, one of Tyra's industry judges on Americas Next Top Model, is taking a stand against March's annual commercial seal hunt (where each year hundreds of thousands of baby seals are hunted and killed for their fur). Traveling to eastern Canada this week, Nigel will be scoping out the baby seals before the hunt begins :

“It is my hope that by witnessing these baby seals in their natural environment we can draw attention to the inhumane slaughter that will occur in a few short weeks,” said Barker. “Every year hundreds of thousands of baby seals are clubbed and shot to death for their fur. Their carcasses are discarded like waste and left on the ice. It is my strong opinion that this is bigger than making a fashion statement. This is about making a life statement. If we call ourselves human we must act humanely.”

If that's not enough, Nigel will be returning to the ice flows of eastern Canada to film and witness the seal hunt in progress. Ultimately, Nigel and The Humane Society hope that the seal fur trade will be banned in Europe, where a majority of the fur is shipped and sold. To check out a video of Nigel and HSUS President Wayne Pacelle speaking out against the fur trade, just



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