The Night's Brandon McMillan Sheds Light on His Wild Side
The Night's Brandon McMillan Sheds Light on His Wild Side

Move over Travis from Greatest American Dog! There's a new handsome animal-loving fella on during primetime. Brandon McMillan, 31-year-old animal trainer and host of Animal Planet's The Night, is a nature lover's dreamboat. He has no formal training himself, but he's trained lions, bears, tigers and reptiles for flicks like The Jungle Book II, I Am Sam and TV shows 24 and Jackass.

His current show, The Night, which premiered last month and airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m., is a dark look at what happens in the wild when the rest of us are cozied up in bed. Brandon goes on expeditions around the world to catch rare animal behaviors at night on camera. He recently chatted with OK!:

  • On his unusual job: When girls ask me what I do and I say I'm a wild animal trainer, they think I'm lying. I was telling a story in a bar and the bartender thought I was drunk and kicked me out.
  • On dangerous dates: My perfect date would be sitting in a Land Rover in Africa with a bottle of wine and some snacks...watching a lion kill.
  • On being fearless: I've had lions, snakes, leopards and buffalo come at me. I've been bitten, but I've never truly been attacked. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people who are attacked don't live to tell the tale.

For a video preview of Brandon scoping out a mama hippo on the show,


Photos courtesy of Animal Planet

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