We had one crazy storm here in San Francisco last Friday – between the wind and the rain, it was certainly enough to keep my pup inside and not on his normal excursions at Golden Gate Park. While I was at the office, North spent the afternoon in his crate. When originally choosing a space for North's crate, I stuck with standard recommendations that it be in a "people area" (so he doesn't feel banished or punished) while also keeping it at a distance from drafts and heat sources. However, living in San Francisco, I took that one step further and also considered earthquakes. I ended up placing his crate in my dining room under a solid wood table and against the wall. It's away from windows, falling objects, and I felt the table might provide an additional layer of protection. So while the storm was doing quite a bit of damage outside, learn about the damage going on inside my apartment when you


I return home from work on Friday wanting nothing more than to stay in and watch bad movies on TV. I walk over to North's crate and notice that he is not sleeping inside (as usual) but instead sitting in the far corner of the crate staring at me. I let him out and he takes about two steps, sits, and stares at me some more. It was fairly chilly in my apartment at this time so I pick up the pup thinking he's just cold (and that the heater went out), and head into the living room to check out the listings. I enter a freeeezing cold living room – through a door I always leave open– flip on the light, and notice a curtain blowing straight out from the window. Now, perhaps this was due to the amount of cold medicine I was on, but it takes me about 10 seconds to process that curtains don't blow on closed windows and then the mess registers.

At some point during the storm, the wind blew out one of my windows leaving glass and water all over my TV, couch, side table, and floor. The lighter items from my mantle were also on the floor and the coffee table papers scattered all over . . . and soaked. After the shock sank in, and I had figured out a game plan, I couldn't help but stop and be grateful that my pup's crate was where it was. The ruckus in the next room certainly spooked North, but I am still happy that the damage to my little one wasn't worse. Things could be replaced, movie nights could be rescheduled, but there's certainly only one North!