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Is It OK to Feed Cats Table Scraps?

Cats and Table Scraps: Is It OK to Offer Your Kitty Leftovers?

Dogs aren't the only pets that love to beg for table scraps; some cat owners have demanding yowlers that love leftovers too. The concern is that your furry feline might feel she has the right to eat directly from the table, essentially training her to be a bad kitty. But when leftovers are offered to her feeding dish when owners aren't dining, there are benefits to tossing your cat table scraps.

  • Leftover chicken or meat that has been chopped and checked for bones is healthier than offering your cat dry or wet food that has been processed. Since you are the one who cooked the meat, you know exactly what went into it, meaning your cat gets a healthier dinner too.
  • Offer your cat leftover steamed or mashed vegetables as well as lentils or other beans for variety. You might be surprised to see your kitty excited to try soft veggies and beans, which are wonderful sources of vitamins and minerals your cat needs.

Keep reading for leftovers you should avoid feeding your kitty.

  • Mix up what you offer so your cat doesn't become finicky while staying away from dishing out fatty tidbits and crusts of pizza. Only giving your cat healthy foods keeps her weight in check and keeps her digestive system from throwing a fit from foods that are too rich, acidic, or high in calories. Even out the leftovers you provide with a balanced amount of dry or wet cat food so she gets the nutrition needed to be a healthy cat.
  • Stay away from dairy, large amounts of tuna, and grapes or raisins. Dairy doesn't do your cat's digestive tract any favors, resulting in upset tummies and bouts of diarrhea — which isn't fun for anyone. Your cat can become addicted to tuna, but the canned fish is OK in small amounts. Too much can result in mercury poisoning and a really annoying cat that won't leave you alone any time you open a can for yourself. Even in small quantities, grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in cats.
  • Check with your vet if you are unsure about offering your pet table scraps or if your kitty behaves abnormally after she eats something new. But mixing up your feline's diet with healthy homemade meats, grains, legumes, and vegetables is a wonderful way to keep her healthy while pleasing her palate.
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