Just like that old saying goes, you should "put a sock in it" . . . but I'm not talking about your mouth. Seems those stockings can find another stuffing place — pet toys.

Community member drea nicole offered up this crafty solution for lil ol' socks:

I make toys from left over fabric and stuff it with clean, old socks. Now I don't have to worry about Viva destroying an expensive toy or swallowing stuffing. My stitches tend to last longer, too.

Even if you're not into creating your own toys, sock pieces would make a handy replacement to ripped-out stuffing. Still squishy but not leaving icky white bits all over your home, considering nestling a squeaker inside this footwear before performing that stuffy surgery next time. If you'd love to sing your praises for another pet project, join the Street Team and share your idea with us!