Chubster pets are on the rise in the UK because a fifth of dogs are missing out on their daily walks.

According to a recent survey of 3,000 pet owners, hectic work schedules and the fact that many people fail to appreciate how much exercise pets actually need to stay healthy have created a generation of unfit dogs. The study noted:

  • More than a quarter of study participants admitted they only exercised their dogs once a day or less.
  • The amount of exercise dogs are getting varies from breed to breed, but even the more active ones are struggling, with more than a quarter being taken for a walk less than once a day.
  • One in 10 dogs in the area go on “walkies” less than once a week.
  • Nearly two million dogs in Britain are suffering from obesity, with lack of exercise and over-feeding thought to be the cause, according to the PDSA.

In an ideal world dogs need daily exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy, but it's not always possible. What do you think of the statistics?