Oprah Winfrey's New Dog Sadie, a Cocker Spaniel
Sadie Makes Her Doggy Debut on Oprah!

I was pretty anxious to sneak a peek at Oprah's new pup, and was so jealous of my mom, who got to catch Sadie's national debut on East Coast time. Well, everyone, her cuteness is well worth the wait. Although the pooch was named Amanda in the shelter, Oprah's calling her new Cocker Spaniel Sadie. (That name change should be no problem if she follows my tips on the subject.) Seems like the puppy was struggling to adjust in her new, very loving home but looks rather content now — see for yourself in the video below!

Even though Oprah brought out Sadie's three brothers who are all available for adoption at PAWS Chicago, there are nearly 2,000 adoptable Cocker Spaniels and cocker mixes available on across the country.

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