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I'm already starting my Christmas shopping list (the early bird gets the worm, right?), and one of the people at the top is my cat-loving pal. So while brainstorming what to get her (and kitty) for the holiday, I came across the Scratch Lounge, and was totally blown away by the testimonials of how much cats love it!

At first glance, the Scratch Lounge is just a simple three-sided scratcher that doubles as a sleeping spot. Apparently, cats use the Scratch Lounge 100 times more than regular scratchers. What is up with that?!

Is it the patented super-dense honeycomb panels that make scratching (and sleeping) irresistible? Is it the free bag of premium catnip that is thrown in with your order (but makers assure us that it's definitely not required for use with the Scratch Lounge)? I'm totally intrigued. So help me out — do you have the Scratch Lounge? And if so, are your cats in love with it, too?

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jadabundler jadabundler 8 years
The Scratch Lounge is the single best piece of furniture in our home. The cat loves it more than almost anything. She sprints toward it and jumps in, rolls and luxuriates, sleeps, holds court. Best $20 ever spent.
lyndsei lyndsei 8 years
I couldn't get over the idea that this was just cardboard and with a little ingenuity, I could make one myself. But, I broke down and bought one for my cat and he LOVED it - he has never enjoyed cat-scratchers, but oh did he love the cat scratch lounge. Unfortunately, it got wet and we all know that wet cardboard is useless ....
crystal-tomlin26 crystal-tomlin26 8 years
my cats really liked it for about a month, maybe two, I flipped it vaccumed it and everything and now that the cardboard isn't brand new they aren't interested, and I am out $20, not sure if it was really worth it.
bebehaul24 bebehaul24 8 years
this looks great! i'm sure that my cat would sleep on this because he loves to sit on his regular flat scratching post. i may have to get this for carlo for christmas or his upcoming birthday!
fjaril fjaril 8 years
My kitties could care less about the one we have.
kittyink kittyink 8 years
I haven't bought one for Jack yet, but I have a co-worker that says her cat is obsessed with it.
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