What's a pet owner to do if they find themselves with a pooch that's allergic to many dog treats and foods and living in a town with no animal specialty shops? Yup, as you probably guessed, long time caterers Pam and Brian Trainor decided to open their own. Knoxville's River Dog Bakery now makes and bakes all treats in the in-store kitchen and started with a simple, crunchy biscuit called Nicholas Nibble Bones safe for their Golden Retriever, Nick. A hit with their pooch and lucky friends and family members, they became inspired to branch out to other treats like Bowser Brownies and Snicker Poodles. All snacks use human-grade ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colorings or flavors, and come in different flavors, sizes, and textures. The store now includes salmon and tuna treats for kitties, pet products, and their current Golden Retriever, Cooper, who loves to greet shop visitors in addition to being their official taste tester.

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