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Our Editors' 15 Favorite POPSUGAR Must Have Items!

Mar 31 2013 - 6:33am

Every month, our editors dive into their POPSUGAR Must Have boxes [1], and they love to share what items they end up obsessed with, whether it's the bracelet that goes with everything or the makeup palette that changed their whole beauty routine. We compiled some of the most rave reviews from our editorial team to share with you. Check out what we love, and sign up for our monthly POPSUGAR Must Have box [2] to receive handpicked items we love delivered to you!


Brokedown Scarf

It's rare to see a day in the POPSUGAR office when someone isn't wearing this cozy and chic Brokedown scarf [4] from our September Must Have.

Gorjana Bracelet

This Gorjana [5] bracelet came in our November box!

Baggu Bag

Ideal for keeping your everyday shopping eco-friendly, this Baggu [6] bag came in our August box.

Benefit Cabana Glama Palette

This Benefit Cabana Glama makeup palette [7] is a one-stop shop for our editors.

Mandy Ingber DVD

We got the secrets of Jennifer Aniston [8]'s yoga teacher with this Mandy Ingber DVD.

Bodum Mugs

Our December box contained these gorgeous Bodum [9] mugs.

Ilia Lipstick

Our first ever POPSUGAR Must Have box had these two universally flattering Ilia lip colors [10].

Popbar Hot Chocolate

This Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick [11] was a hit in our January box.

Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes

Our editors keep their faces refreshed and clean with these Yes to Cucumbers towelettes [12] from our Must Have box.

Govino Glasses

With Summer picnic season around the corner, these Govino glasses [13] will stay in heavy rotation.

Alora Diffuser

This Alora diffuser [14] from our August box is an item we have loved for years.

Epicuren Lip Balm

It's no secret how much we love Epicuren [15], and this lip balm from our January box is an everyday luxury.

Tatcha Blotting Paper

These Tatcha blotting papers [16] were a discovery for some of our editors but have since become a staple.

Stott Pilates Stability Ball

This Stott Pilates stability ball for Merrithew [17] from our January box is another POPSUGAR office staple, and be sure to check out the six must-do moves [18] you should try.

Kitsch Hair Ties

Doubling as a cute bracelet, we love these Kitsch hair ties [19].

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