Another Petaluma scorcher for this year's Ugly Dog Contest! The 2009 champ was a new face who won me over with his pronounced underbite, which he uses like a scoop to get the food in at mealtime. Ha. Even though the last several years have featured lil pups like the late Gus, this time a big pup's top dog.

Four-year-old Pabst and his owner, Miles Egstad, came from Citrus Heights, CA — the Boxer mix was super sweet, loved the shade, and seemed to be rather sleepy before his turn on stage. Resting up for his time in the sun, I bet. We got a glimpse of Pabst, blue ribbon and all, so see one more cute pic (and hear what his owner had to say about the win) when you


On the recognition: "This breed is not known for being ugly like the Chinese Crested. He's so ugly, he's adorable."

On the prize: "He's definitely getting a filet mignon, maybe not tonight, but he will. And getting his teeth cleaned, look at them!"

Congrats to Pabst and Miles and stay tuned for more Ugly Dog coverage next week!