My friend is training for a marathon and wants a special leash to bring her hyperactive Jack Russell on short runs to try to work off some of that pup's endless energy. She was temporarily looping the leash on the drawstring of her shorts . . . until his love for a passing squirrel almost left her shortless! Many of the handsfree sporty leash sets are made for much bigger dogs than her 16-pound pal. To learn why I recommended The Buddy System


Consisting of a belt to go around her waist, it moves around so if little Clive decides to switch sides, the belt will auto adjust so she doesn't have to worry about tugging him or switching hands to keep him safe. The "leash" attachment does not need to be held (as it attaches to the belt), but it does come with a quick release at the top if she suddenly wants to hang on. Lastly, there is a clip to attach to the pet's collar or harness and has a swivel hook to limit tangling. The Buddy System comes in regular and a lightweight small version with add-ons like lunge buster (a shock-absorbing bungee) or extra buddy (for running with multiples).