I'm definitely not a fan of tying pets up for long periods alone, but there are times when I'm outside and I don't have an extra hand for my pup's leash. We like laying out at the park, or in friends' backyards for BBQs, and it's important to help my smooshy stay cool with water , pet sunscreen, and possibly even this PetBrella ($56) while we relax.

It's not that much different than a normal beach umbrella except it comes with a special tie-out stake; when tethering a pet near a shade tree, they can easily tangle themselves around it, but this umbrella's just an extension of the stake so pets will have room to roam without getting all twisted up. The 'brella comes with a carrying bag, and can be tilted for a proper angle or removed altogether if the sun goes down. I think the concept is great but I'm not sure we've get enough use out of it . . . especially with no lawn of our own. What do you think?