Now, it's hard to not want to cave into the curiously wriggling nose as you cook up a turkey but shy away from feeding dogs any turkey skins, gravy or fatty parts of the bird. Not only can it be dangerous for their weight, but it can contribute to pancreatitis, a serious gland inflammation that requires a vet visit ASAP.

As it turns out the little pancreas produces the digestive enzymes that break down food to let their furry bodies digest it. However, if the pancreas or surrounding tissue is damaged, the enzymes can leak which then negatively affects the pancreas and any surrounding tissue, resulting in that issue known as pancreatitis.

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On the milder side, symptoms include loss of appetite, crying, restlessness or irritability and, more seriously, severe and frequent vomiting, diarrhea (often containing blood), and strong reluctance to walk. If you see any hints of this painful illness, it's time to pull out that emergency vet number and get your pet looked at — even on a holiday, it's better to be safe now . . . than sorry later.

Source: Flickr User wmshc_kiwi