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BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
HA yea, like she actually wrote that. Why can't she put her dogs down and WALK them??
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
This makes me want to go "Awe" for sad and funny reasons...
Huckleberry Huckleberry 10 years
can't stand the Paris but love the chi's, I have two of my own
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
i didnt hear her say public school bitches, heh, thats actually quite funny, anyhoo, she's stupid, her lawyer is stupid, her publicist is stupid, the prosecuter is stupid and the judge is stupid. i just wish this stupid story would go away.
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 10 years
She is being honest, contrary to popular belief.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I hope she is being honest in her statement. :(
cari907 cari907 10 years
awww cute dogs and u know wat maybe she is learing
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 10 years
cute dogs ! i love the 3rd one to the right !!
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
Yeah she definitley did not write that statement, haha!
asco00 asco00 10 years
I really don't like or dislike Paris. I just think she is over privelaged which leads her behave stupid and immature. This is definitely a well crafted statement. I'm sure she is scared, jail is a scary prospect, however I think the only way you will see a "better Paris" is if she goes to jail. My sister in law works for the state attorney's office here in the Chicago area, this is a pretty standard sentence for probation violation. She probably orginally used the family attorney who probably tried to strong arm the district attorney, dui's and the cases relating to them are all about showing remorse for anyone. Now she has a new attorney, new approach. Whatever, it's kinda boring.
Seraphim Seraphim 10 years
go to jail you stupid b*tch! oops did i say that, my apologies
Deba Deba 10 years
I really dislike Paris, but whatever... girlfriend broke the law so she was to go to jail just like the rest of us normal mortals when we broke the law. So there is not point of discussion there. Dont worry Paris I'll sent you a "I hope you are enjoying jail" greeting card. Its very pathetic what she is trying to pull out... crying on cars with the window open... pleeaaasseee! Bitch if you wanna cry, cry at home.
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
Wow, I didnt think so before but maybe I am totally uncool because I wasnt making home porno movies, doing coke, or discrimanting against other races at 19 or 20. I didnt realize those were virtuous traits. Well, I cant go back now, nor would I want to. Guess I will still be uncool.
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
PUBLICITY SHOT!!!! Not that most of hers are not just that but I see, you cant put me away, I love animals!!!
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Those puppies are adorable!!
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
hahahahahhaha I love how parisexposed always gets brought up. That stuff all happened YEARS AGO!!!!! How do you not know that she isn't over that phase? Plus, I am sure if we had videotapes of all of you when you were 19 or 20, then you would all be pretty embarassed too. We could probably call you all nasty names too. :)
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
Thank you gorjusgirl! It seems like Paris can't do anything right according to most of you people. She could be throwing money to the homeless and kissing babies and you guys would still hate her and call her horrible names. I personally love Paris and hope that her jail time goes by super fast because it will be a boring 45 days on Pop for me!
gorjusgirl gorjusgirl 10 years
Wow, a handful of puppies... I'd kill to be her dog walker! Anyways, I think she's a lot smarter than the public think she is, and this statement reflects that. She has had time to calm down and think about it, and even if she didn't write this statement I'm sure it reflects her feelings.
mandymad mandymad 10 years
I've seen the video at in which she shouts the N*word, makes a homophobic comment, and uses the phrase "public school b@%ches." This statement alone is offensive to probably 90% of America, as most of us belong to one or more of these pretty largegroups. I'm surprised this tape hasn't been shown in more mainstream video shows & that civil rights and anti-defamation groups wouldn't be more vocal. this kind of behavior is intolerant and disgusting, not to mention it is not uncommom at all for anyone who has violated their probation multiple times to serve time in jail. I you or I had done the same, we probably would get similar sentencing. I would expect it. She needs to suffer the consequences of her action. Maybe prison will give her some kind of depth. Doubt it , but maybe it will
krisua krisua 10 years
Ah Paris, does every day of your your life have to be a show?
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 10 years
Poor pitiful Paris :cry: I'm totally with Ima on this one. New lawyer, new tactic. :oy:
wicca_08 wicca_08 10 years
Poor dogs! I believe she disposed Tinkerbell 'coz the dog is overweight.
demeter demeter 10 years
Great statement.
babylish babylish 10 years
awww i think it was a smart thing of her to release that statement
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Even if it's only a week, I think that spending a week locked up only her own thoughts has to be some sort of brutal punishment. I'm sure I couldn't take a week subjected to the inner workings of her little brain.
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