I've already got a soft spot for penguins as is and, added to my love for baby animals, the twofer just melted my heart. I mean this is the teeniest lil penguin I've seen in a while, weighing just 85 grams (three ounces). The adoro chick hatched on March 24 at Chester Zoo in England. Dubbed Aero, he was incubated for 46 days by his parents, Warty and Hislop. The zoo hopes that up to 20 other chicks will be born between now and mid-April, as penguins usually lay a clutch of two eggs (and take turns laying on them) – even Aero has a new sibling yet unhatched! The zoo chose "chocolate-themed" names for all the births near Eastertime. See what sweet snack Aero was named for, and some close up shots of the baby, when you


Unbeknownst to me, Aero is a Nestlé chocolate introduced in England in 1935, a milk chocolate bar first filled with milky bubbles. They've now got other mouth-watering flavors like caramel (yum!) and mint (double yum!) — I wonder if my pals over at our UK sites could ship some over to me!