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Pampered Pals: Perfect Petfeeder

Since one of our New Year's Petsolutions for this year was to take off the pounds, this automatic pet feeder seems like just the thing to help us along with our healthy goals. Since stats say that even humans give up their New Year's resolutions by April, we can use all the help we can get, especially for our four-legged pals that rely on us to keep them fit and trim. Besides, proper diet and exercise is the way to go vs. taking shortcuts with doggie diet pills! To see why I like the Perfect Petfeeder, just


The awesome and sleek Perfect Petfeeder ($499) dispenses just the right portions for up to two hungry pets. Plus, its paw, power outage, and dishwasher safe design can be programmed on a timer so, even if you're late, your pet's meal will be served up on time. Although it shouldn't take the place of bonding time, it might be nice to sleep in a little later on weekends if you have a whimpering beggar on your hands!


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doglover1127 doglover1127 8 years
I found some automatic pet feeders that are affordable.
desrod desrod 8 years
As anyone who has pets with special needs (especially cats), they would know that wet food is VERY bad for cats, bar none. Not only does it dramatically increase plaque and gingivitis (resulting in the need to have teeth removed; not fun for cats), but it also is the cause of many permanent disorders (crystals in the bladder, GI infections, UTI, and so on). My two boys were on wet food and our veterinarian alerted us to the fact that wet food is VERY bad for cats, regardless of brand, quality or type. As a treat once every few months, it's probably fine to give them a spoonful or less, but every meal? Bad. I don't own this feeder (yet?), but I wanted to make it clear that dry food (again, for cats) is always going to be healthier for them in the long run... if you get proper, high-quality food that is (not from a supermarket, but from a real pet store or ordered from a proper facility).
allygal allygal 9 years
Hey! I have one of these (got it in white) and I am very happy with it. My guy (orange tabby) was way overwieght and he is now down about 4 pounds from before. He's a much happier, heathier kitty and we get to sleep until the alarm goes off for s chsnge. I take some peoples point about dry pet food not being the absolute best, but here are now some really terrific dry pet foods out there. Just do some research!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
That's cute, but its purpose is based on the assumption that people are feeding dry food for meals, which is incredibly unhealthy. If someone is willing to spend $500 on a food dispenser, I would hope they'd have the intelligence to research the best types of food to feed their obviously loved critters.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
$500!?!?!? Are you for reaaaaal? That is WYA too much money!
ALSW ALSW 9 years
It's a cool idea, but I wonder about the size. And the price is just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than I want to spend.
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