Considering the number of nicknames our pets have, after time they certainly learn to respond to a variety of names! If you adopt or rescue a dog that's not a puppy, chances are the furry one has a name already. And here enters this super cute pooch, Chyna. My friend tawvry and her boyfriend are rescuing this lass from a San Francisco shelter. Her adoption date is tomorrow, and everyone (North, too!) is super excited. However, the one thing they're not so excited about is her name. Considering they're not the first people I know to change a pet's name after adoption, I thought I'd offer some helpful tips to get started with this process. If you're curious . . . then


It's actually fairly easy to teach a newly adopted dog a new name. The pup will be getting used to the sound of your voice, and with a little patience that includes the sound (and tone) of your voice calling her new name. To get started, grab some treats or kibble. When addressing the pet, call out her new name with a friendly manner, gesture, and smile – praise the dog when she comes and offer a treat. Repeat this when it's time for walks or just when you want the pet to come to you, even if it takes her a bit to look and respond. Fear not, because even if the name you choose is totally different than her original name, after a short while she'll realize that when you say this magical word and she comes to you, it's yum time. And that's all it takes!