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Bare Bones: Bath Time Essentials

Contrary to popular belief, not all animals hate baths! North even seems to enjoy his tub time every once in awhile, which is a big relief to a tired dog mommy! But if your pet is having some bath time anxiety issues, there are a few things that you can do to help ease your pets into loving the lather.

  • If your pet freaks out at the sight of the bathroom, try getting your pets in there more often. Start by playing in the hallway and slowly working your way in. Once they are mastering going in and out, feeding, play, and even bed time in the loo can help your pet become more comfy in the space, and not such a 'fraidy cat (or dog) to enter.

To see a few more tips, and to check out what is in my pet bath toolkit, just


  • Getting into the tub without World War Three breaking out can be a difficult task, but making minor adjustments can pave the way to better times to come. Make sure the water is lukewarm - not too hot, not too cold. Puppies and kittens are especially sensitive to hot and cold, so make sure you take the time to test the water before attempting a bath. Putting a rubber mat or towel at the bottom of the tub will help keep your pet from slipping, creating yet another reason to fear the big white tub. Also, if the showerhead seems to make your pet want to head for the hills, try using a cup instead.
  • Bring toys into the mix. Who says that toys in the tub are only for babies!? Whatever makes your furry pal more confident while bathing should translate into more fun and less stress for the both of you.

Now that we've gone over some ways to make bath time easier, there are some essentials that you will need in your arsenal that will help you keep your pets squeaky clean and healthy. Check them out in the widget below.


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