Happy January! Let's kick off the new year with my must haves for the month. There's something for snickering, scratching, sleeping, snuggling, and scrubbing to please you . . . and your furry friends, too. These five items make most worthy additions, even when you're getting off to this fresh start!

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  • The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody of Rex and Sparky ($10.85). I picked up this book during my painfully long layover in Charlotte, NC. As I relaxed in one of the airport's many rocking chairs, I giggled away at entries from the silly perspective of pups, Rex and Sparky, who kindly clued me in to how pooches set out with admirable goals like "How to Make Your Owner Look Like an Idiot" – hmm, are you sure dogs can't read?!
  • Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher ($315). With natural walnut veneer and replaceable FLOR carpet tiles, this is the best looking carpet scratcher that I've ever seen. Better yet, it can be set up by hanging, leaning, or laying in your home to customize your kitty's fave position . . . and hopefully convincing her to keep her claws out of your chair!
  • Jonathan Adler Beds ($195). In addition to four specific doggie-geared styles of British flags, bones, pups, and patchwork patterns, the two-sizes can be completely customizable in any of the company's graphic wool pillow patterns and color combinations. Eliminate the guesswork of matching pet beds to your home, and special order the fabric to match pillows for your couch.
  • Leaping Cat Cuddle Toys ($16). Let even the least cat-friendly pooch cozy up to a kitty buddy with these cute fleecy toys. They make great bedtime pals and have squeakers and crackles for playtime, too!
  • Bissell SpotBot Pet ($129.99). Carpet plus pet often equals hours on your hands and knees scrubbing up the furry one's latest "contributions". Save time and pick up this compact deep cleaner – purchase special pet odor and stain removal formula, set it up on the stain, and go along on your merry way.