I'm always here to help all my Sugar pals with their furry dilemmas and the latest one deals with happy news . . . and move.

Q: I'm taking a big step on December 1 – I'm moving in with my boyfriend. The problem: he has a cat and I've got a doggie. His cat has seen my pup on a couple occasions when I brought him over, but he's never stayed more than a night in the house. Can you give me any tips on making the transition to our combined household go as smoothly as possible?

A: First off, I'm glad to hear your pets have already "met." You may remember the important role that senses play for both so that's how I'm gonna offer you advice.

  1. Smell: Many times the cat will be more hesitant about this new living situation with a canine, especially with her strong sense of smell. You get her ready now by bringing over items that smell like your pet – I'd recommend putting a couple cloths or towels in your dog's favorite snuggle spot to gather his scent. Then bring them over and place under the cat's bed and food dish. Do the same thing for your pup, too!
  2. See and Hear: Next, bring your dog over and let his cat see and hear your pup – keep him on a leash and don't let him get too close to kitty yet.
  3. Interact: If all of that goes smoothly, then you can let the pets have monitored playtime together. Chances are kitty can escape doggy if she's not feeling social, but it's important to keep a watchful eye on their interactions until you're certain they can play nicely – or live peacefully – together in your new home.