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Pet Peeves: How Do I Clean My Dog's Eyes?

Pet Peeves: How Do I Clean My Dog's Eyes?

Q: I just recently got a little Boston Terrier who seems to have been neglected by his previous owners. I have an appointment with the vet for next week, but I wanted to know some good products to protect/clean his eye?

A: Congratulations! I'm glad that you have a doctor's appointment because it's important to make sure that a tear stain is not a sign of epiphora (blocked tear duct), an eye inflammation, or other disease. There's a difference between cleaning up the stain and treating the eyes themselves, and buggy eyed pooches (Bostons, Pugs, Frenchies, etc.) can be at greater risk of dust, dryness, or scratches. Now North hates swabs, but he'll sit still for eye drops.

To see what product I use, and how to apply it,


Ask your vet to recommend something like the preservative-free Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Eye Wash for Dogs and Cats. When you're ready to apply drops:

  1. Hold the pet's head steady and tilted back so that the eye faces the ceiling.
  2. If you need to, gently hold the eyelid back with free fingers (as you would if putting in your own drops/contacts).
  3. Position the dropper close to eye, but don't touch it as that can spread bacteria and squeeze the drops on the eyeball according to package dosing.
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angelwbrokenwing angelwbrokenwing 6 years
I have a Shar Pei. She's had 5 surgeries on her eyes, yet they've still never been completely right. I only use the solution the vet gives me and I just put that on a piece of cotton and clean out all the ick. Your vet will show you. It's not hard at all. Now, cleaning out there
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
I also saw something in SkyMall over the weekend...
shoecraze shoecraze 7 years
Thanx so much pet. My little Chico has some redness in his eye everytime we come back from the dog parc. I think it the dust and dirt. I'll try to get him those drops. Thanx again!
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