Q: I have spent nearly $75 on a variety of toys for my new kitten, brought them home, presented them to her with much fanfare, and . . . nothing. She sniffed at the catnip toy, gave a bell-filled ball a swat, and walked away. Seriously, I may be reading too much into this, but I swear she even gave me a disdainful look as she stalked off. Did I stumble upon a cat toy snob? Help!

A: I am just imagining a kitty-voice narration to the scene you described as, "This is the best you could do . . . I scoff at you, silly human." While some pets just don't take that much interest in toys, I think cats can often be the pickiest of them all. It's possible that she will show a strong preference for what some people call found items, but I like to call D.I.Y. toys. Before you go out to buy any more fancy stuff, try some of the suggestions pictured here offered up by PetSugar readers like you. Also, try rotating her toys, leaving just a few different ones of different types out at a time around your home. Some cats don't like toys presented with great fanfare, and would prefer to find these items on their hunts around your house – so you can also test out this kitty hide and seek idea. Finally, try to get your kitten interested in a toy by mimicking catlike behavior with it – batting paper around, dangling strings, etc. This may not work immediately but could hopefully gain her attention . . . if not to just watch you with disdain. Good luck!