Q: I have a new(ish) kitten who won't stop attacking me! At first I thought Sparrow just wanted my shoelaces, but she even pounces at my bare feet when I'm trying to walk around the house. I've had her for about four months now, and I'm worried that it's getting worse . . . before it gets better. Please help!

A: It sounds like you have an instinctive cat who's always looking to play! Cats have natural predatory instincts – some more than others – that make them want to hunt out moving "prey," in this case, your ankles. Make sure your kitty gets plenty of playtime to work out that energy. It helps to redirect her attention with a toy she can use to entertain herself like the Play-n-Squeak product line or an Undercover Mouse which is a battery-operated moving mouse on a string. To see my DIY idea,


Try securing fishing line to the top of a door by adding a couple of nails above the door frame and tying a string to the nail and a feather (or other small appealing object) to the bottom. Then set up a small fan pointing in the general direction of the strings and feathers – this should cause the lures to swing in the air and (hopefully) tempt your cat to bat, bat, bat away!