Q: My dog is always giving kisses – on my arm or my leg or even my face – he doesn't care. I don't really mind if he does this to me, but it can be embarrassing when company comes and he starts licking them... and they're less than impressed. He has water in his dish so I know he can't be thirsty – what's wrong with him?

A: Chances are your dog is licking you to show affection and for the natural salt on your skin. Unfortunately, since you've made it ok for him to do that to you, you'll have to nip that in the bud first. My best tip is to start practicing when you are home alone with pup. When he starts to lick you, gently hold him out of tongue's reach. Be consistent. It will take some time for him to understand that it's not a game... and to break him of this behavior. He should realize that when he licks you, the playing stops. Then, try to redirect his attention with a fun toy to lick (like a peanut butter-filled Kong) instead.