Q: My cat creates a big stink. His poop is the stinkiest of any poops I have ever sniffed! I don't want to be too TMI here, but it's so bad that it often wakes me up . . . all the way in my bedroom. Am I stuck with smelly cat here – please help?!

A: Well, I have to admit this was one stinker of a problem for me to figure out. First off, sometimes smelly waste could be a sign of a health problem (like a parasite) so it's worth mentioning on your cat's next vet visit. Try reading the label of your kitty's food. The amounts of byproducts and grain fillers (corn, cornmeal, etc.) can lead to stinkier poo as pets can have trouble digesting too many carbs – there is often some reason for that higher priced food! You should see turkey, chicken, or other meat as the first ingredient. It's possible your cat is having trouble digesting some part of his food – undigested meat protein (rich in sulfides) putrefy and undigested fats turn rancid, too. Your vet can give you the best dining recommendation – my informed friends said to try Evo or Artemis – but anyone else who has experienced (and solved) this problem, please share in your comments below!