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Pet Pics on PetSugar 2009-02-17 09:30:56

Pet Pic of the Day: Tyson Is Blue

Blue Neapolitan Mastiff, Tyson, is such a cutie! He's just a babe now, but by the looks of those paws, he's gonna be one big baby soon.

Congrats to Tyson and CoronaLove for being chosen as our Pet Pic of the Day! Don't forget to submit your photos to our Pet Pics group for a chance to see your furry pals on the pages of PetSugar.

Join The Conversation
alba1 alba1 8 years
he's beautiful...i've actually never seen this breed before.
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 8 years
Cool pup, Coronalove! Mastifs are HUGE! I have a friend that has two.
Tsybrant Tsybrant 8 years
SUPER CUTE.... blues; cats, pits or matif are the best!....
runnergeek runnergeek 8 years
he is beautiful!
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
Smacks83 - Funny you mention sofa sized pups because we just bought a love seat to place at the end of our bed for him to sleep on when he gets bigger.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
Awwww I want to snuggle with him!
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Thats my dream pup!! I want one so bad! And that fect that he may be 220 or bigger makes me want him more (I love sofa-sized pups!). You are so lucky to have a cutie like that!
xXFurygeistXx xXFurygeistXx 8 years
What a beautiful mastiff pup! He's so cute! I love how his eye color. Matches his coat quite nicely.
kaks11 kaks11 8 years
snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
what a cutie!
x3Lorelei x3Lorelei 8 years
beautiful! my mom's always wanted a mastiff :)
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
I have a couple videos of him on youtube if you want to check him out in action. Im not the best camera girl but I try. There is a short video where he attacks my camera and knocks it over. I think its really funny because I totally didnt see it coming. Here is a direct link.
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
One of his front paws is about the size of the palm of my hand right now.
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
He's a cutie pie!
wakeupandora wakeupandora 8 years
he IS gonna be a big guy!! SO cute!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
220? Holy moley! He's gonna be a BIG baby! :)
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
His Dad is about 220 lbs and Tyson was the tallest and largest of his litter. He just might surpass his Dad or be the same size as his Dad. Either way he will always be a little baby to me :baby:
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
OMG so adorable!
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
OMG I WANT HIM NOW. Did you get him from a breeder?
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
What a cutie!!!!
syako syako 8 years
I love him! AWWWW! I want to hug him and give him a huge kiss! What a sweetheart.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
He is too cute! How big will he end up getting?
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
In that pic he 7 1/2 weeks and 20lbs.
CoronaLove CoronaLove 8 years
: W O O H O O : My baby got Pet Pic of the Day : c h e e r : I <3 U Tyson
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