Pet Profiles: FabSugar's Circus Clown Named Annabelle

Always willing to lend a helping paw to PetSugar, I was happy to learn more about one of my favorite smooshies! FabSugar tells tales of her sweet Frenchie Annabelle, AB for short, in our latest Pet Profile. Chronicle your own pet stories in our Pet Profiles group if you'd like to be featured in this ongoing series!

PetSugar: When did you get your dog and what's her breed?

FabSugar: February of '06, AB was seven months, French Bulldog.

PetSugar: What's your daily doggie routine?

FabSugar: AM walk with mom, AM nap, afternoon walk with her doggie posse, afternoon nap, evening activities; either chill out with me, come with me to exercise class, sit in the car while I go out to dinner with friends — I try to take her with me as much as possible since she’s home alone all day. PM walk with mom, snore-fest begins . . . The weekends are all about AB and meeting up with her doggie friends, going to the park or beach, playing at her grandparents' house with best friend pug, Stryder, strolling through SF neighborhoods . . .

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PetSugar: What's your dog’s favorite food, pastime, and treat?

FabSugar: She has a very California diet, she likes bananas, avocados, cheese, peanut butter, bread, yogurt. Favorite treat = bully sticks — even though they are so gross! I give her the little ones . . . Favorite pastime is running around (or somersaulting!) in the sand and surf at the beach or the cool grass in the park, and sunbathing.


PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with your dog?

FabSugar: When she showed off her diving skills in Lake Tahoe! We were on a hike, and her friend Madison, who is very sporty, was swimming and all eyes were on her. Annabelle isn’t much of a swimmer — something we're working on — and she wanted to join her friend so she jumped in the lake and plopped in like a bowling ball. I was so scared she would drown I jumped in after her, in my clothes, but she just floated to the surface and started to try to swim. It was hilarious and unexpected . . . and daring. She was totally resplendent.

PetSugar: Anything else we should know about her?

FabSugar: She's freakin' hilarious, I always say she would have been a great circus dog . . . and she has the cutest chubby paws.

Aw, Annabelle is a sweetheart. Zena could qualify for a circus dog too. She's completely goofy. I argue she has more noises than R2-D2. If only Zena liked water...
My dog rocks. :KISS:
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