Pet Profiles: FitSugar's Bonnie Loves Bread and the Beach

Resident health expert FitSugar shares a little about her beloved Bonnie Pet Profiles series. Chronicle your own pet tales in our Pet Profiles group!

PetSugar: When did you get your dog and what's her breed?
FitSugar: My husband, then boyfriend, and I adopted Bonnie in 1999. She was 10 months old. We call her an American Black Dog of casual breeding — part chow (spots on tongue to prove it), part lab, and maybe part pit bull.

PetSugar: What's your daily doggie routine?
FitSugar: Bonnie’s life before I had kids was a bit more active. Now she wakes up and goes out in the yard. Chases some squirrels. Barks once to come inside. Hates to have her feet wiped. Howls softly for her food. Looks at the bowl funny until I add some olive oil. Then she sleeps. The dog walker comes twice a week for long romps on the beach or in the woods. In the evening, Bonnie likes to troll for food under the table after eating kibble from her own dish and take a stroll around the block for some good sniffs.


To find out Bonnie's favorite treat and pastime,


PetSugar: What's your dog’s favorite food, pastime, and treat?
FitSugar: Bonnie loves bread! Bonnie likes the beach. Sand feels nice on her paws. She likes to wade in and will fetch a stick or two if the surf is not too rough. She really, really likes to roll in dead things on the beach. Rotting seal is her fave. Gross I know but she is, after all, a dog. When Bonnie comes with us to the deli, they give her a small bowl of chopped liver. She loves it (kinda changes my relationship to the expression “What am I? Chopped liver.”).

PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with your dog?
FitSugar: I got married in my backyard and Bonnie roamed around the entire event. My 2-year-old nephew carried a baguette to gnaw on the entire event starting around 2 p.m. As the party began to wind down hours later, and the adults fell slack on their supervising duties, Bonnie snatched the little boy’s bread. He ran around screaming, “Bonnie stole the bwead. Bonnie stole the bwead.” He couldn’t pronounce his Rs well. This wasn’t her first bread-stealing situation, but usually it was challah off the kitchen counter.

PetSugar: Anything else we should know about your dog?
FitSugar: Bonnie loves cooked broccoli and green beans, has stinky breath, and follows me around the house. She sits outside the bathroom door while I shower.

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She looks like a very happy pup from that adorable smile she's showing!
Bonnie is a cutie! Zena loves bread too, particularly baguettes. I feel a bit sorry for your nephew!
What a sweetie! I adore that she was at your wedding! And that she loves bread :)
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