Knut, your (second) favorite polar bear was checked out by a psychic and says it's not all good news - the cuddly white one's quick rise to the top, and all that media attention has left him with a heavy heart! Anna Katinka Witte, a well known German pet psychic who analyzed Knut's photo for a German newspaper last week, says that Knut isn't exactly feeling his best:

"He has a lot on his mind. Right now he's not doing particularly well. Knut somehow knows that he is special, but he's not exactly sure what that means."

Additionally, Witte says that Knut not only has a busy mind but could also be suffering from digestive problems and a bum right leg! Poor Knut! Although a majority of you says you don't believe in pet psychics, I still hope Knut's handlers make sure his tummy and leg are a-okay!