A big thanks to everyone who shared pictures with PetSugar in my Halloween Costume Extravaganza group and via private message! We had a bunch of great costumed pets this year! So many, in fact, that I have actually chosen two winners!

  • Congratulations to Gizmo the Lobster. I'm shocked that he's tolerated not one but several costumes... and poses so elegantly for the camera. He doesn't even look fazed at all!
  • Congratulations to Super-Chicken Max, who is certainly one of the cutest, little super chickens that I've even seen! I especially like his unflinching gaze at the camera – he knows he's a superstar!

For these phenomenal pet photos, kitten25 (mom to Gizmo) and roxyb (mom to Max) can choose either a PetSugar tee for themselves... or for their furry friend! Stay tuned, there will be more chances to win before you can even say cock-a-doodle-doo!