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PetSugar Street Team: Dublin Dogs Make DIY Baths Easier!

My pal likes to bring Io to the DIY bath station at a local pet shop but complained to me that her dog's collar always gets all wet (during the washing process) and smelly (during the drying process). So I recommended this chic Dublin Dog version instead.

Made of a polymer blend (read: rubbery), they don't absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria when they get soiled or soaked. There's quite the selection from shamrocked Lots o' Luck to swirly whirly Kaleidoscope and my prepster pup even has an Arrrgyle one in his collection. Whether you're taking a swimming trip to the beach or using it with bathing tethers right in your own tub, these collars make a great addition to the rotation!

HarmonyCat HarmonyCat 7 years
Hi, are you all speaking about the Mud Puppies brand of collars? I bought one for my mini dachs in Home Goods and I am looking for more but cannot locate them. Does anyone know an online store that sells the brand? I love it because the size small is still a wider than average 3/4 of an inch. I don't care for the 1/2 inch wide collars typically available in a size small. The name Mud Puppies is so generic and does not turn up any hits for the company in an internet search. Frustrating!
nbarbat1 nbarbat1 7 years
I just came across these collars as well and love them! I have two Austrailian Shepards that love to roll around in the dirt/mud/water so these easy to wash collars are great for them!
armybrat485 armybrat485 8 years
Lucky has the Dublin style (white with green shamrocks) and I love it. The only issue I have with it is that it cracks right around the d-ring (Lucky likes to pull a lot during her walks.) Her first one did this and actually broke during a walk. I contacted Dublin Dog and they replaced it with a newer version. They've started re-enforcing the d-ring area with nylon, which has helped. Her new one has cracked a little bit too, but I don't fear it will break like the last one. I think they're a great investment!
moonlissa moonlissa 8 years
Sadie Grace has one of these as her official dog park collar. That way when she digs in the dirt (or worse the mud puddles!) I can rinse it right off in the sink. I love it. That one looks thicker than mine. Since my girl has been compared to a llama, I think I need to get her the thicker version to make her neck look shorter!
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
I came across these recently, and pretty much fell in love with the Arrgyle. I'm such a sucker for cute collars!
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