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The Furriest of Friends

Aug 22 2011 - 4:52am

When you're not looking, even the most feuding of furballs can be caught snuggling with each other. And some of the unlikeliest pets — big and small, cats and dogs — can end up pals. I've rounded up my fave BFFs (best furry friends), so take a look!

Boo and Buddy

Boo may be the celebrity [1] pup, but his pal Buddy is another too-cute Pomeranian.

Birkley and Henry

Birkley the Boxer made fast friends with Henry the Doberman/Rottweiler mix. So sweet!

Source: Flickr User Scot Campbell [2]

Shelby and Pieces

Kitties make the best snuggle buddies!

Source: Flickr User joanna8555 [3]

Riley and Connor

These Shelties are quite the photogenic pair of pals.

Photo by Whisker Snaps Photo [4]

Buster and Lilly

Even birds of different feathers can flock together . . . at least at nap time.

Source: Flickr User Chuck Abbe [5]

Cookie and Vivian

I love how inseparable Cookie the English Mastiff and Vivian the Cairn Terrier [6] are despite their size difference.

Mister and Sandwich

Community member nnoman shared pics of these sweet kitties [7] snuggling as kittens and then again as full-grown friends!

Oliver and Red

Another disproportionately sized pair, this Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pug [8] are best buds.

Samoyed Friends

This pic of sweet Samoyed pups was snapped behind the scenes at this year's Westminster Dog Show [9].

Charlie and Razz

Look closely, there are two cats in there!

Source: Flickr User Donna Brown [10]

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