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Finished Filing Your Taxes? De-Stress With These Adorable Pictures of Cash-Loving Dogs

Apr 15 2014 - 5:01pm

Now that you've finished filing your tax return, all you have to do is wait for your refund. Why not kill time and de-stress by looking at these adorable pictures of dogs who love money? Be sure to scroll to the end to find out what happens when doggies are left alone with the bills. Warning: it's not pretty.

Source: Flickr user moneybags [1]

Sweet, Sweet Money

Who needs treats when you can have cash?

Source: Flickr user boris [2]

I Didn't Rob the Cat, I Swear

But how many milk bones can I buy with that money?

Source: Flickr user yomanimus [3]

This Nest Egg Won't Crack

This is what I call having a cushion of cash to fall back on.

Source: Flickr user yomanimus [4]

Will Act Cute For Cash

Anything for a couple extra bucks!

Source: Flickr user jonathanharford [5]

Changed My Mind

Or I've got change on my head anyway.

Source: Flickr user dmuth [6]

Money Can Buy Happiness

Grrr, just leave me alone with my hard-earned money!

Source: Flickr user boxchain [7]

I'm Torn

Well, this is the not-so-happy end of an unattended and unintended money photo shoot . . . Keep your money safe, and happy tax day!

Source: Flickr user mil8 [8]

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