Super Cool Doggies Go Nutty For Ice Cream!

Jul 20 2010 - 7:50am

Mmmm, ice cream is yummy! Before delving into the cold, hard facts on the safety factor to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, I gathered up these sweet shots of pups enjoying frozen goodness in the meantime.

Flickr User: seamusiv [1]

Eye on the Cool Prize

You gonna finish that?

Flickr User: easyrab [2]


Umm, what ice cream cone?

Flickr User: vagawi  [3]


Only trying to get to that stick!

Flickr User: dryfish [4]

Lickety Splits

This is heaven.

Flickr User: Guitarfool5931 [5]

Paw Level

Sidewalk is a better table, in case of spills.

Flickr User: preetamrai [6]

Sharing Is Caring

Don't be so greedy, can't you see I'm hungry here?

Flickr User: nick farnhill [7]

Look Mom, Both Hands

That's more like it! Two pups, two cones.

Flickr User: StewBl@ck [8]

Sharing Is NOT Caring

I want my own bowl!

Flickr User: Willow&Monk [9]

A Spoonful of Sugar

I've got a silver spoon in my mouth.

Flickr User: anjrued [10]

Extra Topping

I don't need a cherry; this bone will do just fine.

Flickr User: TineyHo [11]

Easy Squeeze

Whatever this is, it's delish.

Flickr User: ansik [12]

Pup's Cream

This Frosty Paws is just my size.

Flickr User: Gramody [13]

Chilly Spills

Beef-flavored doggie ice cream seems to have landed right in front of my nose!

Flickr User: Gramody [14]

An Ice Cream Blossoms

Summer is the best season ever!

Flickr User: Northsky71 [15]

I Got This

Watch your fingers.

Flickr User: angeloangelo [16]

No Drips

Definitely no drops.

Flickr User: Brian Hillegas [17]


I got the rest of this cone.

Flickr User: Brian Hillegas [18]

Sit, Good Boy

Vanilla is my favorite flavor.

Flickr User: thejonoakley [19]


Just two bites, OK?

Flickr User: pmarkham [20]

Lid's Off, Carton Empty

I'll take the rest to go!

Flickr User: seamusiv [21]

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