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We Can't Help but Fall For Autumn's Baby Animals

Sep 20 2012 - 11:30am

It's time once again to check in with the world's zoo nurseries for the freshest batch of adorable babies! From mini monkeys and petite possums to tiny tiger cats and dainty deer, Fall is bursting with all kinds of twee. So sit down, brace yourself, and start clicking through these 20 sets of big baby eyes!

A newborn marmoset gets a hand from zookeepers in his first few hours of life.

In Munich, a baby silvery gibbon grabs onto mom for a ride.

Rungwe is the first baby elephant born from artificial insemination in France and takes her first strides at a run — not bad for a newborn!

At a wild animal park in France, a baby hippo shows off his chops while staying safe beside mom.

A young orangutan only has eyes for mom.

Cooper, a 5-month-old male baby golden brushtail possum, hangs out next to mom, hoping to snag a snack.

A days-old guanaco (wild llama) in Berlin snoozes in the sunshine.

Yawn! This baby two-toed sloth at Aiunau Foundation in Caldas, Colombia settles into his comfy, furry bed.

How could anyone say no to this face?

When there's no ball of yarn to be found, this tiger cat cub finds the next best toy.

A young Barasingha deer gets his name from the 12 prongs that he will grow as he gets older.

They may be one of the 25 most endangered primate species in the world, but this Roloway monkey appears awfully safe and snug with his mama.

Being nibbled on by your babe is no laughing matter for this hyena mother and her young one.

Lisimba, a 2-month-old Hamlyn's monkey, grabs a perch and a fruity snack.

A 5-day-old, wide eyed black rhino takes in all of the new sights.

Boo! A joey pokes his head out of mom's pouch to score a bite.

This 5-month-old Sri Lankan leopard is learning from his mother to earn his — er — spots!

This adorable Capuchin monkey young'un totally has mom's back.

In Berlin, this baby elephant seems right at home with the rest of the herd.

This baby two-toed sloth at the Penshurt, Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary hopes to make a great — but slow — escape.

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