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Robert Cattinson and Cleo-Cat-Tra Celebrate at the Algonquin

Aug 13 2010 - 4:00am

Hotel owner Frank Case was an animal lover. So when a stray cat came through his doors in the early '30s, Frank welcomed him in with a champagne flute full of milk. Keeping with the tradition that Frank began back then, there have been many cats that called the Algonquin Hotel home [1], and each earned a sort of celebrity status — children's books have been penned about the frolicking felines!

Naturally, when current resident Matilda celebrates her birthday, you can expect a big bash. Benefiting North Shore Animal League [2], Matilda ushers in a new year alongside some fancy pants cats. Get my red carpet white tablecloth comments on the standouts and start the slideshow.

Vampir-iffic Feline

That's some big hair you have there, kitty. With that sullen face it can only be . . .

Where's Bella?

Edward Cullen! I would recognize Robert Pattinson Cattinson's cuff anywhere.


The regal Cleopatra kitty has an outfit suiting a queen! (She's mastered the royal gaze, too.)

Sweet Suits

I'm fired up! The outfit's revolutionary.

Match Made in Leathery Heaven

This cat looks like he should date Chopper [3].

OMG Elvis

Oops, I didn't recognize you without those blue suede shoes.

The Beauty's in the Details

I think that hat is the clue to this costume — any guesses?

Cherry on Top

Aww, I'm calling this cheery cat Cat-men Miranda!

Karate Kat

Don't get on this kit's bad side. She'll karate paw you!

Not so Raggedy

I'd recognize Raggedy Ann's hair anywhere!

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