Pet Profiles: Clever Camden Is a Husky Crate Escape Artist

Reader jgmast shared tales of his furry friend Camden — who you might recognize as a great crate escape artist —  for our Pet Profiles series. Chronicle your own pet tales in our Pet Profiles group!

PetSugar: When did you get your dog and what's his breed?
jgmast: Camden is a Siberian Husky and he was a Christmas gift this year from my fiancé. He is halfway through his puppy-hood at six months old.

PetSugar: What's your daily doggie routine?
jgmast: More often than I would like our routine starts at three am with a whimper from Mr. Camden's crate, letting us know that he needs an emergency bathroom trip in the middle of the night. After sneaking in a few more hours of sleep we get up and go for a walk before I head into the city for work.The moment we come home from work and open the front door we are greeted with a song full of howling and chewbacca-ing (which is how my fiancé refers to his guttural Husky Howling), and we are off for another walk followed by dinner and a short nap (waiting for us to get home all day is exhausting!). The evening is spent chasing our other Husky around the house and biting her tail, watching TV (After seeing his fellow Huskies in the movie 8 Below he is now enthralled with the TV), and lounging on the couch.


To learn Camden's favorite foods and pastimes, and see more darling photos,


PetSugar: What's your dog’s favorite food, pastime, and treat?
jgmast: Camden seems particularly fond of vegetation. Leaves, flowers, even weeds that may be sticking up through the sidewalk are all prey in Camden's mind, and he makes short work of them. For mealtimes he prefers his Whitefish and Potato dog food, and anything that’s even close to edible makes a fine treat in his eyes. He really enjoys our time spent hiking and walking the trails behind our house, and in a few more months he will be a happy new member of my two dog sled team, racing up and down the trails.

PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with your dog?
jgmast: One day when he was a slightly smaller puppy I came home from work to check on him, and when I opened the front door he was sitting there waiting for me! The confusing part was that I left him upstairs in our bedroom, locked in his crate! He led me upstairs, proud to show off his hard day of work, which consisted of literally busting out of his puppy-sized crate. The crate laid in two pieces with the door blown off, and Mr. Camden proudly walked over and sat in the remains of his crate with a very satisfied smile on his face. It was far too amusing for us to be upset with him, so we enjoyed a good laugh, and Camden enjoyed his trip to the pet store for his new (larger) crate. You can see a picture in the gallery of us catching him in the moment.

PetSugar: Does your dog blog or Twitter?
jgmast: He does! (via my fiance) and his blog The Husky Diaries, can be found at

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